My Bloody Valentine – Strawberry Wine tab

this song is one of the greatest in all time. thats all. Enjoy!

Standard tunning.

Capo 3rd fret (important if u want to play these chords)

F: xx3210
A: x02200
G Em G Em G Em G Em

G     Em            F                       Am       
Misty morning in the springtime  Close your eyes, crystal eyes
      Em                 F                           Am
On the darkside let the light shine  Please, please stay with me
 G                   Em                    A
tonight These lips will find strawberry wine

After the the A you can play something like this:e-0---0--0--0-----------|B-10--10-10-10----------|G-12--12-12-11----------|D-12--12-12-12----------|
Vers 2 same chords as Vers 1 Bridge: G Em G Em G G Em the "la"s: la-la la la la-la laa la-la laa-a la-la laa G Em G Em G F Em the "la"s: la-la laa la-la laa la-la A the "la"s: aaaaaa aaaaa
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