Emptiness Inside chords with lyrics by My Bloody Valentine - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

My Bloody Valentine – Emptiness Inside chords

B    Bsus4

[Verse 1]
E G A E GSee the emptiness inside
A E DBad thoughts I can't ever hide
G A E Oh, something's gonna be done
D G ALook out look out
[Chorus] E5 [Verse 2]
E G A EThis shit, your stupid deeds done
G A EHave reasons, yeah I've got some
D G A E DOh, your pain will be my fun
G ALook out look out
[Chorus] E5 [Bridge] B Bsus4 [Verse 3]
E G A ESo, it ends up all the same
G A E DWell I still know your name
G A E DOh, won't hear no sound
GLook out look out
A E I'm coming around
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