My Epic – Alone chords


Capo 3

C2- 000230

EmAm I a barren temple left for newer ways
Am COf speaking mysteries my veils cannot contain
EmShould I prepare to winter spend again
Am C Am-single strumOf silent centuries' speech for only certain men
EmWhat if I wait to find You've gone
AmWhat if Your presence was withdrawn
EmAnd I was mistaken all along
AmTo think that I could become your home
Em Am C2 CIt'd be no surprise to finally know
Em Am C2 CI am truly alone
Em Am
D-single strumCome death, but likely sooner I'll be alone
Em Am D-single strumYou moved your temple
Em Am D-single struminside our bones and it's
Em Am D-single strumSo hard to trust that You
won't move again Em Am
C Am For all eternity, You stood with Your Father in perfect unity
Em Am And when You walked the earth, You only went where He led
C AmYou only spoke what He said
Em AmSo for everything You left, and all of the glory You forfeit
EmNo matter how low You were sent
Am Em Am
C2 CYou still couldn't know what it's like to be alone
Em Am C2 CDisgraced, but You were never alone
Em Am C2 CBetrayed, but You were never alone
Em Am C2 CTortured, but still never alone
EmAnd nothing is worse than being alone
AmI have been thinking hard about us trading place
Em Am Maybe I can wear Your beauty if You put on my shame
EmJesus, I've been trying so hard to look like You
AmThat I almost missed the worst of what I put You through
EmYou didn't die for sins, You died covered in them
AmA prideful, lying thief, gasping out my final breath
Em Am D-single strum
Em Am D-single strumFor that one moment
Em Am D-single strumYou looked just like me
Em Am D-single strumYour Father left you
Em Am C2 CAnd You died completely alone
Em Am C2 CFor me, You were alone
EmYou couldn't marry so He left You all alone
Am C2 CNo better promise than sympathy
Em(You conquered death all alone)
Am C2 C'Cause you know the deepest of all our needs
Never again, never alone Em Am C2 C C2 (x2)
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