My Friend Steve – All In All tab

"All in All" - My Friend Steve
Tabbed by Nik Outchcunis
Capo 2nd Fret

G,  G/F#,  F,  C

G,  F,  C,  D

Same as verse

	G	      G/F#
Hey Victoria, do you still hide my letters

	     F			    C
under the mattress you lay on with him?

	 G		G/F#
Do you even remember putting them there?

     F            C
I'd say probably not

          G            G/F#          F              C
But I'm here and I'm writing, by the light of the candle

   G        G/F#        F        C
That I once used when I'd write you


    G            F
Oh Victoria, the girl in the flowered dress

  		   C		     D
It seems you've forgotten - is this some kind of test?

     G         F
And if so, I hope I'm doing well

And on the Fourth of July, while I sit and cry

You and Mr. Wonderful can have the time of your lives

    G		G/F#
Oh Victoria, did you have a good time in France?

            F				   C
Hey, don't worry, 'cause nothing's gonna change - you said

    G			 	G/F#
Words in the wind, well they certainly do come easy

       F				          C
Eight months now I've been waiting for you to come around

            G               G/F#    F        C
Beating my head against the wall - you never believed me

   G           G/F#       F          C
Why would you worry?  Why would you worry?



     G			   G/F#
All in all, I'd still say thank you.

     F			     C
You showed me a life I never knew

     G			   G/F#
All in all, I'd still say I love you.

     F               C
All in all, hey I surrender

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