My Morning Jacket – Im Amazed tab

			 I'm Amazed - My Morning Jacket
Tabbed by:Guitarguy19

Tuning:EADgbe (standard)

e|9-11-9-8-9-8---------8----|B|-------------11-9------9--|G|--------------------------|D|--------------------------| (Repeat 4 times)A|--------------------------|E|--------------------------|
Chords used: Ab Gb C# C Ebe|---4--------2---------4---------3--------6-----------------------------------|B|---4--------2---------6---------5--------8-----------------------------------|G|---5--------3---------6---------5--------8-----------------------------------|D|---6--------4---------6---------5--------8-----------------------------------|A|---6--------4---------4---------3--------6-----------------------------------|E|---4--------2---------X---------X--------X-----------------------------------|
Ab Gb C# (Repeat 4 times) Ab im amazed in the quiet ocean C# Ab im amazed at your wrong devotion Ab im amazed at what the people saying C# Ab im amazed by a divided nation Eb C# like the middle of the earth Ab i get disrupted Ab im amazed at all that has been C# Ab im amazed at all who be Ab im amazed at the tv stations C# Ab im amazed what they want me to believe Eb C# after all is said and done Ab now lets seek justice (Intro X2) Ab im amazed at the evoltion C# Ab im amazed at the lack of faith Ab im amazed at love we are rejected C# Ab im amazed that we accepted this place Eb C# like the middle of the earth Eb C# and the middle of the ages Eb C# Ab like a river i get disrupted (Ab during solo) Ab Gb C# im amazed Ab Gb C# C C# Eb im amazed Ab Gb C# im amazed Ab Gb C# Ab (play intro 8 times)
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