Slow Slow Tune chords with lyrics by My Morning Jacket - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

My Morning Jacket – Slow Slow Tune chords

E B A B E BSlow, not the meter of today
A B E C#m ABut I'm not singing for night anyway
B E A E BThis slow, slow tune
E B A Am B E B AYou, somewhere in the future listening
B EI hope the present for you is glistening
C#m AWith notes that ring so true
B EThis slow, slow tune
A E BSlow, slow tune
[Instrumental] E Am E Bm Am B A
E B A B E B ASlow, daddy's playing just for you
B EThe tempo's right, I'm in a mellow mood
C#m A B E A EOoh, this slow, slow tune
AGot to radiate the gold
EGot to radiate the gold
A Am E BGot to radiate the gold
[Pause then Instrumental] E Am E Am E Am B A
E A B E B ATrue, daddy is singing just for you
B EDo you hear them baby anymore?
C#m A B E A E BNow that you've outgrown this slow, slow tune
E A B E ACold, wear for me that all you own
B EYou decide the pace, you set the tone
C#m AYour future now your own
B EThis slow, slow tune
A ESlow, slow tune
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