My Morning Jacket – Wordless Chorus chords

D EmSo much going on these days
F#mForget about instinct
EmIt's not what pays.
D EmPleasure - up and down my smile:
F#mA carton of eggs think
EmIt's all worthwhile
D EmTell me spirit - what has not been done?
F#mI'll rush out and do it
EmOr are we doing it now?
[Wordless Chorus] - repeat same chords for rest of song Fissure is the thrill of the day Forget about feeling That's not what pays But you know - all of this can change Remember the promise as a kid you made [Wordless Chorus] We are the innovators They are the imitators Come on - hey, don't you know how we started We forget about love But weren't brokenhearted
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