Come Closer chords with lyrics by My Morning Jacket - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

My Morning Jacket – Come Closer chords

My Morning Jacket - Come Closer 
tabbed by Collwyn Craig    

C G Fso i slave a- way.
on the floor and walls for a day. buy you the beer can you pay. get emotional each time they say your name.
F G oh soldier you look so strong.
who held you that you fought so long. who told you that you left me amazed. there's something left i gotta say.
F how long can you stay?
i been waitin all day... i been meltin away...
Bb Amjust to send off with you.
F G come closer.
F Gcome closer.
so today. i wont call anyone for change. "toes 'cross the floor," hear it play. good at holdin back at eatin away your legs. come closer. oooh boo laa tooo. x3. come closer
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