Mac Ayres – Change Ya Mind chords

Dm F C (2x)

Am F C GCan't feel my fingers
Am F AmStill feelin' you
Am F C GWon't you come figure
EmOut what I could do
FFor you
Am F C GWait at the winter
Am F AmTo taste the spring
Am F C GWant to discover
[Verse 1]
C Em Am C EmOh it seems to me like we're just getting used to
Am Em Am C AmBut it feels like I've been waiting for so long
C Em Am C EmOh it feels to me like all that you had heard to
C Em C GKnown it all along (oh)
C F CNever tried to change ya
C F C Em GDidn't want to have to wake up
C F C AmNever needed nothin' from ya
F G CI never needed nothin' like I needed you
Dm F C (2x) [Verse 2]
Am F C GI'd like to show ya
Am F AmJust how I feel
Am F C GI'm just afraid of
Am FSomething this real
F CSomething this real
[Repeat Verse 1 & Chorus] [Outro]
Em CJust tryin' to change ya mind
C EmWithout you on me
Em CJust a little peace of mind
Am F C CNever tried to change ya
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