Mac Miller – Watch The Sun Come Up chords

[Verse 1]
D#M7 G#m724/4, now i say things are lookin up. When i could be drunk. I’m just
D#M7Come tomorrow one time. If you get busy thats fine
G#m7Just don’t get stuck. Aah. And fall. And fall. Watch it go
D#M7Down, down, down, down. Like the rain on a summerday
[Interlude] G#m7 [Verse 2]
D#M7And I love that you’re taking this tone. Tell you everything that I’ve known
G#m7But you don’t need much. When you’re in a rush. Just...
D#M7Think that I’m dating this lone(?)
G#m7We can never paint that cloud(?) till the sun comes up. Aah. Watch the sun come up
D#M7Now watch it go. Down, down, down, down
G#m7Like the rain on a summerday
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