Mac Wiseman – Knoxville Girl chords

D D7 G DI met a little girl in Knoxville a town we all know well
E AAnd every Sunday evening out in her home I dwelled
D D7 G DI took her for an evening walk a bout a mile from town
A DI picked a stick up off the ground and knocked that fair girl down
D7 G DShe fell down on her bended knees for mercy she did cry
E A"Oh Willy dear don?t kill me here I?m unprepared to die"
D D7 G DShe never spoke another word, I only beat her more
A DUntil the ground around her with it her blood did flow
D7 G DI took her by her golden curls and swung her round and round
E AI threw her in the river that flows through Knoxville town
D D7 G DGo there go there you Knoxville girl with the dark and roving eyes
A DGo there go there you Knoxville girl you can never be my bride
D7 G DI started back to Knoxville got there about mid night
E AMy mother dear was worried and woke up in a fright
D D7 G DShe said oh son what have you done to bloody you clothes so
A DI told my ancient mother I?d been bleeding at my nose
D7 G DI called for me a candle to light myself to bed
E AI called for me a hankerchief to bind my aching head
D D7 G DI rolled and tumbled the whole night through, not a wink that night did sleep
A DWhile the flames of hell around my bed with- in my eyes could see
D7 G DThey took me down to Knoxville they locked me in the cell
E AMy friends all tried to get me out but none could go my bail
D D7 G DSo now I?m wasting my life away down in this dirty old jail
A DBecause I murdered that Knoxville girl the girl I loved so well
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