Mariah Mcmanus – Forever chords


[Verse 1]
D G D GIt's colder outside than it's ever been before
D G D GAnd the sounds of you meet me at your door
D G D GMaybe it's the fireplace or the lights that reflect off your face
D G D G'Cause Christmas day with you is right where I want to stay
[Verse 2]
D G D GSo take my hand and let's just disappear
D G D GUntil the sounds of winter carry me through the tears
D G D G'Cause it's cold tonight, won't you please just stay here?
D'Cause you're the one I've been waiting for
G D GThat I've been praying for for years
[Verse 3]
G D Em G So tell me you love me everyday
D Em GPromise forever is not so far away
D Em GI'll tell you I love you and I promise I'll stay
D Em GTell me forever, don't make me wait
D Em GTell me forever on Christmas day
D Em GOh tell me forever today
[Outro] D Em G D Em G D
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