Marianne Faithfull – I Have A Love chords

[verse 1]

C Cdim7 D C DI have a love and it's all that I have
Bb Cm DRight or wrong, what else can I do?
G D7I love him, I'm his,
G D7And everything he is
F#I am, too.
[verse 2]
D E D EI have a love and he's all that I need,
C F ERight or wrong, and he needs me, too.
A EI love him, we're one.
A EThere's nothing to be done.
A G#Not a thing I can do
G#But hold him,
C#m F#Hold him forever.
G#Be with him now
C#m F# GTomorrow and all of my life.
[bridge] Em G F Bb D [outro]
G D7When love comes so strong
G D7There is no right or wrong.
C G Em G Em G F Bb DYour love is your own.
G D G D7 F#
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