Country Fair Dance chords with lyrics by Mary Coughlan - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Mary Coughlan – Country Fair Dance chords

D A Bm GAt the country fair dance, they were having romance,
D A7 DThey were eating, drinking & dancing
A Bm GWell a heated exchange is not unusual or strange,
D A7 Dand soon them ugly looks turned into ugly action
F#m GWell she was pretty you might say, at least we thought so anyway
D A7 ABut she never sent a man to war or slaughter
D A7 Bm GThem flashing black eyes made two young men rise
D A7 G Dand had a sudden strange effect on each other
D A Bm G D A7 DThere was Porcupine Paul, a man feared by all, he drank away all of his money and his reason
A Bm G D A7 DAnd Fearsome Fred Ford who was restless and bored and tired of waiting for the hunting season
F#m GOn the floor lay Pamela Pearl, she was Fearsome Fred’s girl
D A7but she didn’t mind being dragged under the table
D A Bm G D A7 G DWhen Fred broke it up the man he found on top was Paul doing all he was able
A Bm GWell Fred said look here, take your hand off that brassiere
D A7 DWe’re gonna have ourselves a little shootin’
A Bm GAnd he’s hitching up his pants and he’s adopting this masochistic stance
D A7 Dand the crowd starts yelling and hooting
F#m G D A7 APaul knew he was beat if he ever got to his feet so he fired from the horizontal position
D A Bm GFred was hit, the dust was bit, it was an amazing exhibition of true grit
D A7 G DHe fired his gun and accomplished his mission
D A Bm GPearl adjusted her lace, with an expression of grief and horror on her face
D A DShe said it sure is grief and horror that I’m feeling
A Bm GEveryone was aghast at what had come to pass
D A7 G DEven the card players looked up and stopped their dealing.
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