Mathias Connell – Chariots chords

[Verse 1]
G CI walked 15 miles to find myself
G CThrough the trees & the Juniper shrubberies
G CCatching the sun on my face
[Verse 2]
G CFar as I could see
GCars, people
C& the communities
[Verse 3]
G CI kept on thinking of that day
G CThe weather was much the same
G CAnd I fell for her
[Verse 4]
G CWas I their to blame
G CYoung & foolish
How was I to know
G CNo how was I to know
G CThat we would be so different
FI don’t want anything
ENo nothing at all
FYou already took my heart
CAnd threw away the key
EThat’s why
F ERubies & Chariots don’t mean a thing to me
F GWhat was the point of this philanthropy
F EYour so carefree & you are loving life
F G EDrinking yourself to bedlam every night
F EI can be so lonesome on my own
F EBut I find the strength to carry on
F GWith each step I seek solace
F GAnd every waking day to find away
C G FSo until that day I won’t care about these luxuries
[Outro] x2 G C
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