Matt Pless – The Cigarette Song chords

F C A# C F C A# C

F DmSmoked lots of cigarettes, filled my lungs up with regret
A# CBut I got a second chance, I put down those cancer sticks
F DmNever should have picked them up, but they say whats done is done
A# CAnd I'm done with slavery, feeling better everyday
A# C DmI said I'd quit a time or two before
A# C FThen I'd always bum another from a friend
A# C DmBecause moderation meant just one more
A# C FSo I hope I never smoke one again
C A# C F C A# C [Verse]
FNo more holding hands with Death
DmHad to stop and catch my breathe
A#No more coughing in the cold
CStranded on Tobacco Road
FUsed to smoke them in the car
DmWhen my favorite song came on
A# CWith a coffee or a beer, after nearly every meal
F DmFeeling like a hypocrite and making corporations rich
A# CIn exchange they make me sick, either way you pay for it
F DmThey sell them to you overpriced, medical bills start to rise
A# CLife's a drag but surely I can find a cheaper way to die
A# C DmAnd I remember fits of nicotine
A# C FWishing every cigarette would never end
A# C DmBut it seems like lately I need room to breathe
A# C FSo I hope I never smoke one again
[Instrumental] C A# C F C A# C A# C Dm A# C F C [Verse]
F* Dm*But when it comes down to it, some folks just don't wanna quit
A#* CAnd that's their prerogative, I can't tell you how to live
F DmBut I hope that you survive, hope I bought myself some time
A# CHope we make it out alive, or at least 'till 95
A# C DmI'm through with throwing half a pack away
A# C FThen the next day digging through the garbage can
A# C DmBecause I'm an addict, what else can I say?
A# CBut I hope I never smoke one
A# CI hope I never smoke one
A# C F C FI hope I never smoke one again
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