Max Frost – Nice And Slow chords

F#m D F#m D

F#mGirl you can trust I'm on my way
DI know you've come and called my name
BmBut don't stress my stride, no rush
E FI'm moving nice and slow
F#mI don't wanna think about the morning
DSweating as I feel hot light
BmI know when I wake you'll be gone and
E FWe can only have this night
F#mI want to sin with
Dyou this last time
BmYou take me in you're
E Freading my mind
F#mGod its so real its so
Draw that
BmI Have to go slow
E FTill I feel the times right
[CHORUS] x2 There is a guitar solo here, but you can just play F#m D Bm E F
D BmThe lamp the shows your face
DOne last time for me
BmEven the love in this embrace
D Bmwill feel the ecstasy
[CHORUS] x3 F#m
D Bm E F You've been a bad bad girl
F#m D Bm E F
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