Max Frost – White Lies chords

I tried looking for chords for this one, but couldn't find them anywhere so decided to 
do what seems
impossible to me and tred to write them up myself. This is what I ended up with, but 
I've never
succeeded at this stuff before, so any kind of corrections would me more than welcome.

I suppose timing of the lyrics is quite tricky so I tried to put the chords roughly 
where they should kick
 in. Unfortunately everything got mixed up after submitting the tab.. How do you 
properly write them up?

Strumming should be fairly easy to figure out, it goes more or less like this: DUD U UDU 
(with 3rd
 and 6th strums muted) for each chord and twice for F# and the last C#m of the cycle (so 
you end up
 with 3xC#m in a row with two in the end of the cycle and one in the beginning of the 
next one)


C#m  (x|4|6|6|5|4)
E       (0|2|2|1|0|0)
A       (0|0|2|2|2|0)
G#m  (4|6|6|4|4|4)
F#     (2|4|4|3|2|2)

C#m   E    A   G#m   F#   C#m (it goes like this throughout the song)

Verse 1

C#m E I'm picking up really sketch vibes
A G#m My woman's been telling me lies
F# C#m About other men, about where she's been hangin'.
Verse 2
C#m E Suspicious thoughts in my mind
A G#m Been brewing up over time
F# C#m "He's just a friend,", When to me he's a stranger '.
C#m EI can hold no evidence
A G#mBut I can't think emotionless
F#And something in your choice of dress
C#mTonight can lead to just one guess
Chorus x2
C#m E White lies you try
A G#mCan't blind my eyes
F#You got your red dress on and you wanna play
C#mLike I can't know things that I've never seen
Verse 3
C#m E It's been keeping me up every night
A G#mMost of the time, I toss and turn in bed and I try
F#Not to explode when you arrive sneaking through door
C#mLike it ain't 5, like this house ain't mine.
Verse 4
C#m EYes I've been picking up really sketch vibes
A G#mAnd I keep looking over at your side
F#Wondering where you been thinking that he ain't a friend
C#mKnowing that thoughts are a sin and so I'll say it again
Chorus x2 Verse 1 Chorus x2 ---------------------------------- Hope this makes at least some sense.
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