Meredith Willson – Lida Rose chords

C EdimLida Rose, I'm home again, Rose
G7 To get the sun back in the sky
G7 B7 Lida Rose, I'm home again, Rose
F B7 C G+ About a thou-sand kiss-es shy
F Ding dong ding
C A7 I can hear the chapel bell chime
D7 Ding dong ding
Dm7 G7 At the least sugges-tion I'll pop the question
C Edim Lida Rose, I'm home again, Rose
G7 Without a sweetheart to my name
B7 Lida Rose, now everyone knows
F B7 C G+ That I am hop-ing you're the same
F Fm6 C A7 So here is my love song, not fancy or fine
Dm7 G7 C Lida Rose, oh won't you be mine?
C EdimDream of now
G7 Dream of then
G7 B7 Dream of a love song
F B7 C G7That might have been
FDo I love you?
C A7Oh yes, I love you
A7 B7And I'll bravely tell you
F B7 C G7But only when we dream again
C EdimSweet and low
G7Sweet and low
B7How sweet that mem'ry
F B7 C G+How long ago
F Fm6Forever,
C A7Oh yes, forever
Dm7 G7 C Will I ever tell you? Oh, no.
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