Merry Hell – Lean On Me Love chords

[Verse 1]

N.C. When boredom fills yer kitchen sink,
N.C. And the world is standing at the brink,
N.C.When the bars are closed but yer need a drink,
N.C.Lean on me, love.
[Verse 2]
DWhen dark clouds try and drown the sun,
BmAnd it hurts so bad it leaves yer numb,
G AWhen they blow us all to kingdom come.
G A DLean on me love.
G D A DYou can lean — on — me — love.
[Verse 3]
DWhen desperation makes you burn,
BmAnd you know less, the more yer learn,
G Awhen your old Bones feel the seasons turn.
G A DLean on me love.
[Verse 4]
DAnd when yer finish Grandma’s apple pie,
BmAnd black Tornados blast the sky,
G AWhen you’re holding back but you don’t know why.
G A DLean on me love.
G D A DYou can lean — on — me — love.
[Verse 5]
DWhen you’re feeling crushed by the machine,
BmAnd yer boss comes in and treats yer mean,
G AWhen you’re shaking like a tambourine.
G A DLean on me love,
[Verse 6]
DAnd when you’ve given all that you can give,
BmAnd your wallets leaking like a sieve,
G AWhen they’re repossessing where yer live.
G A Dleave on me love,
G D A DYou can lean — on — me — love.
(Short instrumental) [Verse 7]
DWhen you’ve been howling at the moon,
BmAnd hope has been and gone too soon,
G AWhen rock and roll don’t shake the room.
G A DLean on me love.
[Verse 8]
DWhen dreaming doesn’t make it so,
BmAnd yer aching heart is gonna blow,
G ATurn on turn up your radio,
G AAnd lean—— on ——me,
G D ALean——on———me
G D A DYou can lean — on — me — love.
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