Michael Franks – Down In Brazil chords

[Verse 1]

AM7Down in Brazil
Am7 D7It takes a day to walk a mile
GM7Time just stand still
Gm7 C7 FM7And when the people you meet look at you they smile
Fm7 Bb7They still believe in style
EbM7They serve you with their sambas 'til
Ebm7 Ab7 DbM7 DbM7 DbM7You really know you're down in ol' Brazil
Gb7 BM7 BM7 BM7 E7You can tell you're down in ol' Brazil
[Verse 2]
AM7Down in Brazil
Am7 D7They've never heard of win or lose
GM7If you can't feel
Gm7 C7 FM7Then all those cafe ole girls in high heel shoes
Fm7 Bb7Will really cure your blues
EbM7It seems they all just aim to please
Ebm7 Ab7 DbM7 DbM7 DbM7 Those women sway like wind in my ba nana trees
Gb7 BM7 BM7 BM7 E7Then you know you're down in ol' Brazil
[Verse 3]
AM7Down in Brazil
Am7 D7They know a million ways to play
GM7You start to feel
Gm7And when you're happy
C7 FM7It's the same as when you pray
Fm7 Bb7You'd think you get away
EbM7Then you know you never will
Ebm7 Ab7 DbM7 DbM7 DbM7Now when you've been down in ol' Brazil
Gb7 BM7 BM7 BM7 E7Now when you are down in ol' Brazil
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