Michael McNevin – Big Daddys Epitaph Acoustic chords

G D Em C

G DI waited for those men to leave
Em CAnd I saw something on the roof
G DI got up on the trashbin and fence
Em CAnd I walked softly with my boots
G DIt was there I found my keepsake
Em CIt now hangs inside my house
G DA dusty picture, made of 2 inch plaster
Em COf a woman on a horse
G DI'll show it to my grandkids
Em CAnd I'll tell the story plain
G DOf the day they closed Big Daddy's down
C D GAnd this is what I'll say.
G DThere's a woman there with her head bent
Em CShe's on a horse, and it's getting hotter
G DShe's walking through those skulls and cactus
Em CIn search of food and water
G DWell she's lost her way in that old plaster
Em CBut she'll find it when she dies
G DAt Big Daddy's up in heaven
C D GBurgers, shakes and fries
G DThey're closing down Big Daddy's
Em CAt least that's what I hear
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