Hey Colorado chords with lyrics by Mike and Pam Martin - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Mike and Pam Martin – Hey Colorado chords

       C  C/B  Am  Am
       C  C/B  Am  Am

C C/B Am F CHey Colorado it was not so long ago
C C/B Am F CI left your mountains to try life on the road
F C F COh, but I'm tired of this race and it's much too fast a pace
F C F C C/B AmAnd I think I've found my place Colorado I think I'm coming home
C C/B Am F CI had a man there but I left him far behind
C C/B Am F CI could have loved him if I only had the time
F C F CBut I stopped along my way just long enough to say
F CThat I'd really really like to stay
F CBut my baby you know I have to go
Am G F C Am G F CI was too young no one to love
Am G F C A# GI made my plans I was wrong yes I was wrong
C C/B Am F C Colorado is it too late to change my mind
C C/B Am F CI've done some thinking and I'm trying, I'm trying so hard to find
F C F C When he comes back home That's been so very long ago
F C F C C/B AmWon't you take care of your own? Colorado I think I'm coming home
C C/B AmI wanna come home
C C/B Am CLet me come home
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