Mike Love – Love Will Find A Way chords

FI wanna be good, I wanna do better
A# GmWanna live long, be strong, but I know I won't live forever
C F A#So while I'm alive, I'm gonna make a spark
A#m F C FAnd I hope that my life will be a light, shining bright for those who are lost in
the dark
FI wanna give Love, I wanna have patience
A# Gm7Wanna feel the animal within, be wild like the wind, but gracious
C7 FI'm gonna plant my seeds
A#I'm gonna watch them grow
A#m F C FAnd I hope that my forest will restore in us a chorus that was lost long ago
A#I feel the fire burning
FI know the tide is turning our way, though the skies might be gray
A# Gm CIn the distance I can see blue, the sun has got to break through someday
Dm C Gm A# A#m FAnd all that's left to say is Love will find a way
(Instrumental) F Gm A#m C [Verse]
FWanna hear my people singing, singing songs of redemption
A# GmSinging songs of the truth, singing songs of the peaceful warrior nation
C F A#Singing songs to the God, of Love and thankfulness
F C'Cause we are alive and we're striving to thrive and we know that we’re
A#'Cause we are the ones who come to wipe away the poison that's been
Fseeping into the heart, that's keeping us apart
A# Gm7Get down to the heart of the matter, all you're gonna find out is that all that
C Dm C Gm matters is the heart, and at the end of the day
A# A#m F GmLove will find a way
Gm7 DmHow we gonna get anywhere, when everybody's running in place
D Gm7Are we blind or are we just scared, scared we're gonna come face to face
And have to face the things that we've done, come to terms with what
Dm7we've become
Gm7Come around and fix our mistakes, only Love can find a way
When the walls are crumbling and that deadlines creeping up
Dm7 Gm7When that debt comes calling, and the sky's falling from above
G7You can always count on Love
(Instrumental) C F Dm G7 C F Fm C G C [Verse] I wanna swim seas, I wanna climb mountains
F DmWanna make angels in the snow, dip my toes in the eternal fountain
G C FGonna speak the truth, and though I've told some lies
C GI'm gonna wear my heart out on my sleeve for you to believe the honesty in
Cmy eyes
F C Dm FNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNaNa 4X
C F CKeep me warm Mamama, Keep me warm Mamama Keep me warm Mamma
CLike a white dove of peace on a battlefield
Like a hungry, homeless man sharing his only meal
FLike a man the doctor's said would die but he was healed and all he did was pray
CLove will find a way
CLike a sunbeam breaking through the storm clouds
Like an innocent prisoner breaking out
FLike a warrior who wants to run in the face of fear but he chooses to stay
CLove will find a way
CLike a rose growing out of the concrete
Like a man running marathons with no feet
FLike a single mother working three jobs just to put food on the plate
CLove will find a way
CLike a deaf man composing a symphony
Like an activist who chains herself up to a tree
FLike a man who quits his job to follow his dreams without a penny to his name
C FLove will find a way Love Will Find A Way
C F CLove Will Find A Way Love Will Find A Way Love Will Find A Way
CLike a farmer growing crops in the desert sand
Like a masterpiece painted with a crippled hand
FLike a surfer towing in, wearing a grin, into a sixty foot wave
CLove will find a way
CLike a guitar player, playing 'til his fingers bleed
Like a piano man with arthritis playing 'til three
FLike a singer who is hoarse but he still forces himself to take the stage
CLove will find a way
CLike a blind man seeing for the first time
Like a songwriter finding meaning in a rhyme
FLike a poet who uses words as weapons and lives to fight another day
CLove will find a way
CLike a warm fire in winter or a summer breeze
Like a child turning her dreams into realities
FLike a place where race, religion, sex or creed or class don't have a name
CLove will find a way
FLove Will Find A Way
CLove Will Find A Way
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