Mike Zito – I Was Drunk chords


G C G C G Ci left my baby standing on the porch in the rain
G Dthought that they would see a day, All they saw was pain
G Ctried to pull myself away from the junk
G D G C Gmy little girl cried, And i was drunk
G C Gi can't blame the women or friends from the past
G Dthe drink turned to hard stuff and that turned to worse real fast
G CAnd I gave every dollar we had to some street dealing punk
G D Gwhile my family worried bout me , I was drunk
C Dnever got more than I bargained for
G D EmLord I never came out on top
C DI'd quit if I could But my will wasn't good
C Donce I Started, I just couldn't stop
GI just couldn't stop
[Instrumental] G C G D G C G D G C G [Verse]
G C G C GI Feel in love with a girl who didn't know i was a fool
G Dshe fell for my lies and my charm till I found that barstool
G CI love her so much but I couldn't get out of that funk
G D G Cyeah she married a good man And I was drunk
C G Dshe's gone and she's happy
GAnd I'm drunk
[Outro] G
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