God Of The Breakthrough chords with lyrics by Milestone Worship - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Milestone Worship – God Of The Breakthrough chords

Bm D Bm A

Bm DLord, I’m calling out
Bm AI’m in need of You
Bm DWhat looks impossible
Bm AI know that You can do
DI believe You are Who You say You are
GI believe You’ll do what You said You’ll do
BmI believe I believe
G DYou're the God of the Breakthrough
[Verse 2]
Bm DOne thing I know for sure
Bm AI’ll see Your goodness Lord
Bm DI’m confident in this
Bm AGreat is Your faithfulness
D/F# GFaith is rising
A..Faith is rising in this room
D/F# G AYou are able, do what only You can do!
[Instrumental] D/F# G A D/F G (A/C# D) A
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