Minor Majority – Napkin Poetry chords

Intro/riff Am - C - G - FFiller between refrain and verse is Dm - G
Am C I came to feel the Lemonheads
G For whatever you wanted to feel
Am C When Julianna played the base guitar
G FAnd the smoke was to thick to breathe
Dm G C They came in late looking like they'd rather be at home
FThat was fashionable back then
Dm G CEvan wore his favourite tee that i recall from posters on her wall
FSome country dude from way back when
Am C I knew she'd be there anyway
G F So I didn't care to call
Am C A few nervous drinks and then we headed back
G F To the posters on her wall
Dm G Two more weeks of school and then we're off forever
C F You might have told me not to wait
Dm GI wrote napkin poetry on days skipping towards the summer
G F Another leap of faith
Am C Fall brings out the best in me
G F The cold recites inside my chest
Am C When the leaves pile up in heaps around the threes
G F And i end up my best
Dm G C No amounts of calm can make me forget what i want
FOr the chances that i blew
Dm G C So while i wait for winther and for darkness to arrive
FI long for something new
Am C I spin the record patiently
G F I like the fact it's not too long
Am C Julianna plays the base guitar
G FAnd Evan still cares for his songs
Dm G C But i write napkin poetry but never about her
For the way we oughta be
Dm G Josephine she slipped into those summer nights
C Fbut Allison's still happening to me
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