Mipso – All Behind Me Now chords

[Verse 1]
CThere was a time I'd lay awake
C FThinking of birthday cake or snow
G C FNow the music's getting old
F G C FThe night is just a sigh, lead to slow
Dm GAnyway you said you wanna go, oh
[Chorus 1]
F G C FI guess it's the time, we can go to my house
F G C FI'll take you in, and you can stare at my mouth
C C/B Am7 G F CI used to be a talker, but that's all behind me now
[Verse 2]
CThey fly to Lotus Lane
C FOld folks in bowling shirts and gray
G C FPlaying rummy on the fold-out tray
F G C FHe does his well-known bit about seat belt demonstration
Dm GAnd I, I'm somewhere far away
Dm GWatching little lights, all along the beltway
[Chorus 2]
F GThose Indica blues
C FYou pretend to be proud
F GThis is how it comes
C FYou either swim, or get out
C C/B Am7 G F CI used to be a fighter, but that's all behind me now
[Break] F G C F F G C F C C/B Am7 G F [Bridge]
Dm GIt's a long way to the end
Dm GAnd I got my quarters here, up on this fence
Dm GBut I can feel the breezes closing in
[Chorus 3]
F G C FLet's act like you've seen sweat on my brow
F G C FYou'll be fighting fire and I'll be around
C C/B Am7 G FI used to be a dreamer, but that's all behind me
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