Mountain Man – Fish chords

C AmIt was the dark of dawn as we went there
CThere was chill of bone and brisk of air
AmAnd the pale glow of the sun
CPulled us, in all speed, to come
C AmFrom the boat we heard that lonely call
CThat carries wide and silences all
AmThere I sat with oar in hand
CAs half of me fell away into sand
C AmThen freely and stealthily
CA great green moving muscle sleek
AmTook hold the line and dove deep
EmAnd I pulled
CAnd what I saw I'd never seen
Am EmWhat came to light the glowing green
C Am CHeaving, breathing light
Am CI looked into its eye
C AmAnd suddenly as quick it came
C AmA flash, a gleam, a hungry dream
Em AmThe line went slack and we turned back
Em CTo the shelter of the darkened pines
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