Nada Surf – Enjoy The Silence chords

Intro Am C F

Am CWords like violence, break the silence,
Fcome crashing in, into my little world.
Am CPainful to me, pierce right through me,
F Gcan't you understand, oh my little girl.
Dm F C GAll I ever wanted, All I ever needed is here in my arms.
Dm F C G Words are very unnecessary, They can only do harm.
Am C F
Am CVows are spoken to be broken,
Ffeelings are intense, words are trivial.
Am CPleasures remain, so does the pain
F Gwords are meaningless, and forgettable.
Chorus: X2 Dm F C G Chorus:: X2 Refrain:
Dm F C GPa-pa-pa, pa-pa, pa-pa, pa-pa
Dm F C GPa-pa-pa, pa-pa, pa-pa, pa-pa
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