Nash Graham – Prison Song tab

I got this tab from the Zug Izland fan site, "".

Prison Song

Opening Riffe-------------|B-------------|G-------------|D-------------|A-0-2-3-------|E-------------|
Verse Chordse-4---|--2---|B-5---|--3---|G-6---|--4---|D-6---|--4---|A-4---|--2---|E-----|------|Listen to the song and get a feel for the rhythm of these chords. Use different up and strokes, and also pluck out individual notes in the chord. Sometimes going from the B to C# (x24432) to (x46654) you play the opening riff in between them.
Chorus Chordse-4-|------|-2-|----|B-5-|------|-3-|----|G-6-|------|-4-|-2--|D-6-|-9/8--|-4-|-2--|A-4-|-7/6--|-2-|-0--|E---|------|---|----|
Bridge "I'm not here tryin to make amends…"e-4-|-2-|----|B-5-|-3-|-2--|G-6-|-4-|-2--|D-6-|-4-|-2--|A-4-|-2-|-0--|E---|---|----|
Mike P might actually use different chord formations, or even use a capo, but I don't one of those and these are still the right notes, so it all works out. Contact Info:
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