Natalie Grant – The Real Me chords

G Gmaj7 A2/E
G Gmaj7 A2/E


G G7 A2/EFoolish heart, looks like we're here again
G G7 A2/ESame old game of a plastic smile don't let anybody in
Am A2 Am/F#Hiding my heart ache, will this glasshouse break
G G7 A2/EHow much will they take before I'm empty
Am A2 Am/F#Do I let it show, does anybody know
G DBut you see the real me
Em Chiding in my skin, broken from within
G Dunveil me, completely
Em C AmI'm loosening my grasp, there's no need to mask my frailty
Dsus D G (back to intro for v2) Cause you see the real me Verse 2:
G G7 A2/EPainted on, life is behind a mask
G G7 A2/ESelf inflicted circus clown, I'm tired of the song and dance
Am A2 Am/F#Living a charade, always on parade
G G7 A2/EWhat a mess I've made of my existence
Am A2 Am/F#But you love me even now
A2 Am/F#And still I see somehow
C (G/B) Am Gsus G DWonderful, beautiful is what you see when you look at me
Am G/B Am Em DYou're turning the tattered fabric of my life into a perfect tapestry
C (G/B) Am Gsus G DI just wanna be me
Am G/B Am Em D
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