Nate Sallie – Lone Ranger tab

(I know it looks dumb because of all those Am's, but it is correct. So have fun with it!)

Lone Ranger: Nate Sallie

Capo: 3

(Verse 1)
            Am                   Am
I used to walk around and be the Lone Ranger
Am                           Am
Never needed love from a stranger
       Am                                      Am
Always walked away from the danger of losing a friend
  Am                            Am 
Then I stumbled into you and my senses
    Am                   Am
I needed you to melt my defenses
       Am                   Am
You’re the sum of all I’ve been missing
Am                         Am
For so long, let me say to you 

F                        C            E
I don’t ever want to be alone again
                               Am         G       F
Now that I have found a love that never ends 
                           C              E
Everything You are is all I hope to be
              Am            G            F
You’re the best that’s happened to me 
           C               E  
You know, that I’ll go
       Am          G        F  
Anywhere You take my hand 
         C                    G       Am
I don’t ever want to be alone again 

(Verse 2)
      Am                                       Am
You never ever meant for me to fly solo
Am                             Am
A renegade that’s headed for who knows 
Am                 Am
Never knew it’d leave me so hollow 
        Am                                 Am                    Am
Until you filled me in Then I broke down the preconceived notion 
   Am                     Am
That letting go would by my demotion 
   Am                   Am
You’re the muse of all my devotion 
           Am                   Am
All the time, Now that I, Have seen the light 
 Am           Am
Let me say to you

Am                               G
It took me falling to the ground 
E                                A
To understand I could be found 
Dm                           Dm
I came to you in broken condition 
Dm                  Dm
I didn’t even need an audition 
    Dm                         Dm
You’re the sum of all I’ve been missing 
For so long
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