Nathaniel Rateliff – Early Spring Till chords ver. 3

A wonderful song from Nathaniel Rateliff... truly different and incredibly mesmerising

Standard tuning
Capo 2

nb on the C chord he plays a little hammer / pull on the D string.
Release the fretted 2nd fret to open and hammer on again... a nice little effect!

Intro on the C chord

CI was out there missing steps
GWhen you swung around to me
CBest to land, not to crash
G Pulling out too late
CCall on everyone you ever knew
GAnd plead
Pre-chorus 1 ------------
Fmaj7 CWell I've been the bum who's underfed
Fmaj7 CI've been the one who should've said
Fmaj7Maybe I'm wrong
C GAnd I've always been that way
Chorus 1 --------
C AmAre you tired do you feel
GWrung out
CHave you fallen
Am GFrom where glory sprouts
CAre you cut off
Am GIn fields and pressed down
C AmLike an early spring till
GThat don't come a-round
CI think I've been there
Pre-Chorus 2 ------------
Fmaj7 C I think I'm waiting too long
Fmaj7 C You tried this panting and poured
Dm Am G You set a course to cross me out
Chorus 2 --------
C AmAre you tired and broken
GOnce so stout
C AmAre you full of the feeling
G Don't doubt it when it's gone
C AmI could curl up this reel
GAnd leave now
C AmI could fill up with air
GAnd scream so loud
CI think I'm going to
----------------------------------------- I hope I've done it justice! Kevin O'Brien Watford England May 2011
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