Nazareth - Where Are You Now chords

chords by: j. Gimotea 

AEvery single day
GI think of the times
DWhen you were still mine
AAnd Im blue
AGot to get away
GGet you out of my mind
DIm caught up in time
AAnd I’m blue
F#m EI dont miss all the fun that we had
F#m D EYou were always around me
F#m D EWhere are you now
I need you now
EIf you were around
F#mIt would be alright
Living on my own I know Im to blame Im locked in my chains And you’re free Fallen like a stone Im down on the ground Im tied up and bound And youre free I dont miss all the fun that we had You were always around me repeat-- chorus solo: play this chords A-G-D-A 2X
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