Ne-yo – So Sick chords


SO SICK By Kenneth Marc Tan:)

EGotta change my answering machine
A Now that I'm alone
C# Cuz right now it says that we
F# BCan't come to the phone
EAnd I know it makes no sense
ACuz you walked out the door
c# F# B~ But it's the only way I hear your voice anymore
E A(it's ridiculous)
C#It's been months
F# BAnd for some reason I just
E A (can't get over us)
C# F# BAnd I'm stronger then this
E A(enough is enough)
C# No more walkin round
F# With my head down
BI'm so over being blue
E ACryin over you
E And I'm so sick of love songs
A C# So tired of tears
F# BSo done with wishing you were still here
E A C#Said I'm so sick of love songs so sad and slow
F# BSo why can't I turn off the radio?
And it keeps going on like this...
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