Ne-yo - Dream chords

Hey Everyone, This is my first tab so i hope someone likes it.
The song was so easy and no one else had done it so i thought i would.

Intro C, Em, C, Em, G, F, C, Em

CNo problem I can't solve,
EmIn a test of our love,
CIf your love was multiple choice,
EmYou'd be all of the above,
GYou're the answer to all my questions,
FNo need to cheat,
CTogether we're the perfect score,
EmYou make me complete,
CI never seen a woman,
EmWith so much beauty and class,
CMy heart was always a failure,
EmTil you helped me pass,
GI wanna give you my all now,
FNo more excuses,
CCuz without you in my life,
EmMy life is,
Just useless, [Chorus]
CI played every game in the book,
EmBut you changed my perspective,
CAnd for the first time,
EmLove, my only objective,
GMoments can be feelings,
FThings aren't always what they seem,
CBaby if I'm sleeping,
EmPlease don't wake me from is dream,
[Verse 2]
CYour heart and I engaged,
EmIn a game of hide and seek,
CSince our very first encounter,
EmI was playing finders keep,
GNo need to look any further,
FAlready found my soulmate,
CAlthough it took a while,
EmYou were the whole way,
CGirl can't you understand,
EmThat I wanna put a ring on your hand,
GI can't say I'm perfect,
FBaby we both know I'm not,
CBut girl I think it's time
Emthat we tie the knot,
CBaby you're the one
Emthat makes me whole,
CBut while you're warming
Emup my soul,
GAt the same time,
FYou're breaking my heart,
CI knew we would fall in love
Emfrom the start
Thanks Guitar_Brodo
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