Neil Diamond – You Make It Feel Like Christmas chords

All barre chords; the / just mean to transition quickly between those chords.
D/F# is standard D with F# on the E string

Intro: D   G/D   D   G/D   A   D/A   A   D/A

Verse 1:
A D/A A D/ACosy we are, Closer than Far
A D/A ASounds of Forever, Still Around
A D/A A D/ALovers in Love, Just like We Are
A D/A ABeing a-part's a lone-ly sound
D G/D D G/DAnd when people ask how we stay together
D G/D DI say you never let me down
G D/F# G AAnd you make it feel like Christmas
G D/F# G A Even when things go wrong
G D/F# Em7I hear the sound of Christmas
Asus2 A Asus2 Ain your song
D G/D D G/DAll year long
A D/A A D/A Yes, you know that it's true
Verse 2:
A D/A A D/ALook at the sun shinning on me
A D/A ANowhere could be a bet-ter place
D Em/D D Em/DLovers in Love that's what we are
D Em/D D Em/D When you're with me, it's Christmas Day
CHORUS Verse 3:
A D/A A D/ALook at us now, part of it all
A D/A AIn spite of it all, we're still around
D Em/D D Em/DSo wake up the kids, Put on some tea
D Em/D D Em/DLight up the tree, it's Christmas day
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