Being Alive chords with lyrics by Neil Patrick Harris - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Neil Patrick Harris – Being Alive chords

I cannot say in terms of guitar playing. These are the chords for piano. Arranged from a 
copy of the lyrics, intense watching of the musical, a copy of the P/C score, and a 
copy of the sheet music and chords for the "solo" version. Arrangement is my own.

PLAYING NOTES: C6/9 is played as a bass note (C, G or A, vary it as you wish) for 1 
beat, followed by the chord played on the second beat.

Generally, it starts quiet, and the dynamics and tempi increase over the breaks between sections.


INTRO: |C6/9| x2

|C6/9 |F/G Someone to hold you too close
|C6/9 |G7b9 Someone to hurt you too deep
|C6/9 |Am7 Someone to sit in your chair
|Fmaj9 |G| To ruin your sleep
BREAK: |C6/9|F/G| x4
|C6/9 |F/G Someone to need you too much
|C6/9 |G7b9 Someone to know you too well
|C6/9 |Am7 Someone to pull you up short
|Fmaj9 |G| And put you through hell
BREAK: |C6/9|F/G| x4
|C6/9 |F/G Someone you have to let in
|C6/9 |G7b9 Someone whose feelings you spare
|C6/9 |Am7 Someone who like it or not
|Fmaj9 Will want you to share
|Am7/D A little, A lot BREAK: |G Gsus2 G|Gsus4 G Gsus2 G|
|C6/9 |F/G Someone to crowd you with love
|C6/9 |G7b9 Someone to force you to care
|C6/9 |Am7 Someone to make you come through
|Fmaj9 Who'll always be there
|Am7/D As frightened as you
|Dm/G G13 Of being a-live
|Dm/G FMaj7/G|Dm/G G13 Being A-live |Dm/G FMaj7/G|Dm/G G13 Being A-live |Dm/G |C6/9 Being A-live BREAK: |F/G|C6/9|F/G|
|C6/9 |F/G Somebody hold me too close
|C6/9 |G7b9 Somebody hurt me too deep
|C6/9 |Am7 Somebody sit in my chair
|Fmaj9 And ruin my sleep
|Am7/D And make me a-ware
|Dm/G G13 Of being a-live
|Dm/G FMaj7/G|Dm/G G13 Being A-live
|C6/9 |F/G Somebody need me too much
|C6/9 |G7b9 Somebody know me too well
|C6/9 |Am7 Somebody pull me up short
|Fmaj9 And put me through hell
|Am7/D And give me sup-port
|Dm/G G13 For being a-live
|FMaj7/G |Dm/G G13 Make me a-live
|Dm/G F/G |Ab/Bb Make me con-fused
|C Mock me with praise
Cdim |Ab/Bb Let me be used
|Dm/G G13 Vary my days
|Dm/G G7 |Dm/G G13 But A-lone
|G9 G9#5|F/G G13 is a -- lone
|F/G G9 G9#5|Dm/G G13 not a -- live
|Dm/G G13|
|C6/9 |F/G Somebody crowd me with love
|C6/9 |G7b9 Somebody, force me to care
|C6/9 |Am7 Somebody make me come through
|Fmaj9 I'll always be there
|Am7/D As frightened as you
|Dm/G G13 To help us sur-vive
|Dm/G G13 |Dm/G G13 Being A-live |Dm/G G13 |Dm/G G13 Being A-live
|Dm/G FMaj7/G|G |C Bb/C| Be -- ing a-live
OUTRO: |C Bb/C|C Bb/C|C11| PLAYING NOTES: Ritardando over the outro. I don't have access to an instrument to check the final "Being Alive", but it slows down, with grandeur.
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