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Subject: y/young_neil/bad_fog_of_loneliness.crd
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 1997 05:55:33 GMT
From: Malc Brookes 

I noticed the lyrics for this were available on OLGA but not the
music, so here's how I like to play it.

Regards, Malc

Bad Fog Of Loneliness by Neil Young

This is an unreleased song from about the time of the
"After The Goldrush" album.

Standard, EADGBE.

Intro (play twice):

C D D/A D/BE|-----0------0-----0------0-----2--2--2-----2-----2--|B|-----1------1-----1------1-----3--3--3-----3-----3--|G|---------------0-----0h2-------2--2--2-----2-----2--|D|--------0h2-----------------0-----------------------|A|--3-------------------------------------0-----2-----|E|----------------------------------------------------|
Verse: C C/G D D/A D/B Bad fog of loneliness C C/G D D/A G G G/F# Put a cloud on my single-minded-ness Em Bm7 Am7 Am7/G Am7/F# Am7/F C C/D C/E G I dream of sweet car-e-ss from you........... Lead in to 2nd verse: G G/B Verse: What makes tomorrow guess What makes me take from me and put aside the rest I dream of sweet caress from you Refrain: D C Bm7 Am7 So long woman I am gone D C G G/A G/B D So much pain to go through C D G G/F# Em Come back baby I was wrong Intro Repeat first verse.
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