Nelson Ricky – Poor Little Fool tab

Tabbed By: Belavista Man
On: 20/03/08

This is basically a 1, 6, 4, 5, in B, Diatonically speaking.

More simply for most, here's the chord/lyrics chart lol:

  B             Gbm                    E              F#
I used to play around with hearts that hastened at my call,
    B               Gbm           E                 F#
But when I met that little girl I knew that I would fall.

            B        Gbm  E        F#
Poor little fool, oh yeah, I was a fool, uh huh..

    B                 Gbm                E              F#m
She played around and teased me with her carefree devil eyes,
      B                 Gbm             E                 F#m
She'd hold me close and kiss me but her heart was full of lies.


    B               Gbm              E               F#m
She told me how she cared for me and that we'd never part,
    B          Gbm               E            F#m
And so for the very first time I gave away my heart.


B            Gbm                E                  F#m
The next day she was gone and I knew she'd lied to me,
    B              Gbm              E             F#m
She left me with a broken heart and won her victory.


    B                     Gbm                E                 F#m
I'd played this game with other hearts but I never thought I'd see,
    B                Gbm                    E                 F#m
The day that someone else would play love's foolish game with me.


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