Nerd – Breakout tab

This is not up here so I decided to tab it in my spare time. Awesome song!

Verse C# Cm7 Bm7 Cm7 Fm(Strum where necessary)|-----------------------------------------1---||-6-----6--4-----4--2-----2----4----------1---||-----6--------3--------1------3------1---1---||---6--------5--------3---------------3---3---||-4--------3--------1----------3------3---3---||-------------------------------------1---1---|
repeat until chorus sometimes in the verse the high e string is hit for each chord shape. for C# - 4 for Cm7 - 3 Bm7 - 1
Chorus Cm7 Bm7 Fm C# ? ?|--------8-----4---------||-8---6--9---6-6--6--5---||-8---6--10--6-6--6--6---||-8---6--10--6-6--5--5---||-10--8--8---------------||------------------------|
Other verses and choruses similar. Ending is just strumming the verse chords. Listen to song for verse and chorus strumming and timing. If you want any other N.E.R.D songs tabbed just ask.
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