Nerepublic - Everybody Loves Me tab

i think i got it for the most part but u tell me if i did sumthin wrong. so here 
you go, hope you like it. :D

this is played thru-out the verses:
this is played during the bridge: C Am7 "and you dont have to make a sound cuz they got wat you need," and this is wat u'll plae during the chorus: E "oh my, feels just like i," Am7 "dont try, to look so good, i," C "might die, all i know is," G "everybody loves me," E "head down, swayin' to my," Am7 "own sound, flashes in my," C "face now, all i kno is," G "everybody loves me." sorry but thats all i got for now. i hope u enjoy it anywaes. :)
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