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Nerina Pallot – Human chords

Human - Nerina Pallot

C AmWorry, trouble and pain,
Em FThose old familiar foes come to call again
C AmOn the doorstep, Cap in their hand
Em FYou empty all your pockets just to pay the man
C GBut one day, one day
C FWe’ll forget this all one day
Am G CJust for now we learn to say
Am F C GWe are not our sorrows
Am F C GWe are not our scars
Am F C GWe are only human
Am F C This is what we are
We’ve got a whole new world in our hands We can dream ourselves awake, We can make a stand We can walk slowly, our heads in the air, Even this I know we’ll bear Pre chorus Chorus (Verse chords) Ooooh, la la la la….. Pre Chorus Chorus This is what we are This is what we are
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