Cigarette chords with lyrics by Nerina Pallot - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Nerina Pallot – Cigarette chords

Intro: E G C A

Verse: E G C ACigarette
How I want you But no one can know Cigarette How I love you But I let you go
Am D G/ELike the vodka and the quarter of whiskey
Am D G/ESix o'clock will never come too soon
Am DBut time is fleeting
G CAnd I am wasted
F# BHowling at the moon
One night stand You were perfect You were quite the man In the same Clothes as yesterday In a stranger's hands Give me vodka and a quarter of whiskey Just to line and it'll get there soon But time is fleeting And I am wasted Howling at the moon E G C A Show my year You impress me But my friends can't know E G C A
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