Nevergreen – House Of Cards tab

Madina Lake
House Of Cards
From Them, Through Us, to You
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This is 100% correct, you don't need to tune your guitar in
Drop C just to play this song because this is playable on
standard EADGBe get it??? Other versions of this tabs are wrong!!!

Key: F

Tuning: Standard EADGBe
F -    133211
C -    x32010
Dm -   xx0231
Bb -   x13331
Gm -   355333
Em -   022000
A/C# - x476xx
A -    x02220
D -    xx0232

Intro: D--Dm x2

Piano:e|-10-------------------------------|B|-----10---10-11-10-11-10-11-10-11-|G|----------------------------------|D|----------------------------------| x2A|----------------------------------|E|----------------------------------|
Verse 1: Gm Bb F It's late at night the worlds asleep Em Gm And I'm trying not to think Bb F I take some pills cuz my mind bleeds Em Gm I'm thinking what is wrong with me Bb F Because the only thing i know Em Gm Bb F About honesty is every lie i told Em That you believed Refrain: Dm A/C# I'm afraid To be alone Gm I'm afraid That one day A you'll find out Chorus: Bb Gm And you'll be amazed D At the secrets i keep Bb Gm You'll be amazed D At my mouth full of lies Bb Gm D Dm I'm too afraid to come clean Bb Gm My life's still free D Dm in the house of cards Verse 2: Gm Bb F Now i can't look you in your eye's Em Gm Because the guilt is killing me Bb F I try disconnect my heart again Em Gm Just so i can breathe Bb F I wanna be myself again Em But i just can't coz (Repeat Refrain as Piano Driven and Chorus)
Piano in Refrain: Dm A/C# Gm Ae|-------24--25-|-22-----24--25-|-22-----24--25-|-24-----25-|B|--------------|---------------|---------------|-----------|G|--------------|---------------|---------------|-----------|D|----7---------|-----7---------|-----7---------|-----7-----|A|-5------------|--4------------|---------------|-----------|E|--------------|---------------|--3------------|--5--------|
Bridge: Bb C Gm It's such a shame what I've become Bb After years of breaking down C Gm My whole life has come undone Bb Cuz I'm trying to fake it all C Gm And I know that you love someone F But that someone isn't me Em Dm(hold) Isn't me No (Repeat Intro) D Dm You'll be amazed (Repeat x4) (Repeat Chorus) Outro: Bb Gm D You'll be amazed Bb Gm D You'll be amazed End on Dm
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