Nevershoutnever – California tab

Yo yo yiggity yo, so i think i got this right, it may not be dead on, but i think
it sounds good??? dont be cruel....

So, the they are...

C ---> 032010----------------------------|D (i think, or some form of) ---->054030-|Am-----> 002210--------------------------|F----> 003211----------------------------|Fm---> 003111----------------------------|
D ( um..2 avoid confusion ima call this D #2, if thats ok) --> 000232G----> 320033
---------------------------------------------------------------------------- C Oh my god, I. Had the most D amazing Am time last night, F I dreamt I saw you C again, Thats when the D flashbacks Am started to Fm begin.. C They started slow, But they D picked up Am fast, F So I got off my C ass, And I D ran Am away.. Fm to Californ-i-a --------------------------------------------------------------------- C, D, Am, F (repeat) Lalalalalalalalala Californ-i-a -------------------------------------------------------------------- C Oh My god I, Shouldve never D let you Am leave, My side F should have never Left you C alone, It probably D seems like i'm Am never coming Fm home C But I'm so lost, Living D life Am fast, F Please get off your C ass, so I Wont D waste Am Away Fm in Californ-i-a ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- C, D, Am, F, Lalalalalalalala Californ-i-a ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Solo: (p/o means pull off, just incase you didnt know)
----3-4-p/o-4/ 3-3-------------|--6---------------6-4--2-1-2---|-------------------------------|-------------------------------|(after solo, goes directly into the C)-------------------------------|-------------------------------|
C Just so you F know, I'm Fm never coming D #2 home I'm having a F.....G great day.. In Californ-i-a -------------------------------------------------------------------------- C, D, Am, F (repeat) Lalalalalalalalala Haha, sorry, i can tell this is a very oddly formated tab, so probably confusing....oh well , have fun!
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