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New Amsterdams – Goodbye tab

Bm X24432
D  XX023X
A  X022XX
F# 244XXX

Intro Bm D A F# A F# e|-X--X--X--X----X--X--X--X--X-------------2--------X----X----X----X-------|B|-3--3--3--2h3--3--2--2--3--3--2h3--5--------5-----X----X----X----X-------|G|-4--4--4--4----4--4--4--2--2-------------------2--2----X----2----X-------|D|-4--4--4--4----4--4--4--0--0----------------------2----4----2----4-------|A|-2--2--2--2----2--2--2--X--X----------------------0----4----0----4-------|E|-X--X--X--X----X--X--X--X--X----------------------X----2----X----2-------|
Bm D wait up for me A F# you're where i want to be Bm D A F# A F# stop long enough to say goodbye, goodbye, goodbye Bm D A F# it's all said and done Bm D keeps me at ease A F# sings us both to sleep Bm D A F# A F# we don't have to say goodbye, goodbye, goodbye Bm D all said and done A goodbye
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