New Riders Of The Purple Sage – Portland Woman chords

PORTLAND WOMAN  - NRPS (recording capo 2 or E)

Intro D

D A G DWe pulled into Portland Town, we'd been on the road
D A G DRock and rolling for the crowd, three more nights to go
G C C G DBut if I don't find someone tonight, I just won't make it thro..ough
D G DI am goin' out in Portland Town, and see what I can do
D A G DYou know it's very cold in Portland Town, this time of the year
D A G DI wouldn't mind I could find someone to hold me near
G C C G DAnd there's a little girl, she looks lost and lonely backstage at the sh … ow
D A G DI'm goin' up and asking her, hey, would you like to go?
C D You see, I need me a Portland Woman
C DI don't want to be alone tonight
C DI wanna get me a Portland woman
C DPortland women treat you right
C D APortland's gonna be mine to …. Night
G A G A AWoo ah woo Woo ah woo ahhhh
We pulled out of Portland town, almost right on time The little girl, that I had found, her I left behind But I haven't felt too good since I left Portland, yesterday I'm goin' back to Portland town, now, what more can I say Chorus x2
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