Tombstone chords with lyrics by New Years Day - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

New Years Day – Tombstone chords

  --Verse 1--
Cm Gm Cm GmTie the knot, tie the noose.
Fm CmHere we lie, in love and truth,
Gm A# Cm GmIn a coffin built for two.
FmWhen all that's left,
CmIs skin and bones,
Gm A# Cm - Gm -- Cm - Gm I'll still have love for you.
--Interlude (pluck the intro chords): Cm C5 x2--
Cm Gm Cm Gm Rest in Peace, rest with me,
G# CmThrough the dark, and through the light,
A# Cm GmI'll hold you close, I'll hold you tight,
G# Cm A#Forever yours, forever more, forever more,
Cm A# Cm A# Cm So close your eyes, for one last time,
Cm A# CmIf tonight we fall asleep,
A# Cm Gm A# Cm-Gm--Cm-Gm I'll pray my soul be yours to keep, to keep. (fingerpick intro once more)
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